Have you ever heard the quote, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game"?

Recently we were hanging out talking about where we were in life and how much had changed in the past year. Lexa is recently married, lives in a beautiful house, and took a new job in Corporate America. I am recently engaged, trying to plan a wedding during a pandemic, and unfortunately victim to a position that was heavily impacted by the virus leading to a long and continuing furlough. As we counted our blessings we talked about how we both dreamed of owning our own side business. Something that would create not only financial freedom, but a place to be a creative, real life GIRL BOSS. 

We had every excuse in the book about how there isn't enough time in the day, there's too much competition, where would we even start or the overwhelming thought of what if we try and we fail? What if we strike out? At that moment we realized between the two of us we had more than enough time, resources, and knowledge to knock this out of the park! An idea was born! We told only our significant others (who supported us whole-heartedly) and got to work!

We joke looking back that coming up with a name for our new online boutique might have been the hardest part. After lots of brainstorming we settled on the Common Sage because the heart behind our store was to bring common spirits together in a small corner of the internet to discover clothing and accessories that make them feel confident & comfortable. 

While purchasing clothes for our Common Sage Sisters we try to embrace a variety of styles, while catering to common on-trend styles. We make it our mission to provide clothes that women actually want to wear and can feel good in. 

We are no longer letting the fear of failure keep us from chasing our dreams. We hope you will join us on this wild ride and support our store and mission! We are thankful for each and every one of you who choose to follow along and support us on this journey.

In Common Love,

Ashley Williams & Lexa Bennett